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Why repair or refinish older furniture?

The truth is, they don't make'em like they used to! The quality of new furniture has been declining for the past several decades. A lot of new furniture is made with particleboard or even cardboard. The material is then covered with paper-thin wood veneer or photo finish (a material similar to contact paper). Even some of today's "better" furniture is made from inferior materials with shoddy craftsmanship. Of course there are some excellent brands of new furniture that are very well made. However the cost is astronomical. Shop at some of the more exclusive furniture stores, and you're bound to get "sticker shock".

On the other hand, older furniture tends to be of very high quality compared to what is available new. It is usually made of solid wood or real wood veneer with a solid wood core. The overall construction tends to be more substantial than what is made today. But, today's furniture finishes are vastly superior to what was available in years past. Combine this old-time quality with the better modern finishes, the cost savings you'll reap, and you're looking at the best reason to refinish and not replace.

Why choose Peter Claessen & Sons Ltd. as your restoration company?

Our reputation is second to none. We have earned our excellence and will continue to provide high quality service at a reasonable cost to our clients. Your valued possessions are safe in our hands. We will treat your furniture with the respect, care and craftsmanship it deserves.

"If it's wood - We can fix it!"


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  • Custom Made Furniture
  • Upholstery Service & Fabrics
  • Furniture Sales
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    Do you have a bedroom set, dining room set, desk, piano or any other piece of furniture that needs to be refinished? Then Peter Claessen & Sons Ltd. is your best bet. Our lacquer finish is the best looking finish you can find. We apply the finish using our multiple-coat process and carefully hand rub the surface between coats. This assures you a long lasting, water resistant, beautiful finish, finish that feels as smooth as silk - the same finish used by the most prominent furniture manufacturers. We can even custom mix a stain to match your existing furniture or recommend one of our custom mixed stains. We'll make it look great!


    Got a difficult repair? Not for Peter Claessen & Sons Ltd. Our complete woodworking shop enables us to repair just about any repair you can imagine. Thanks to our time-tested repair techniques, our repairs will last for years.

    Here's just a sample of what we can do:
    • Chair gluing
    • Veneer repairs and re-veneering
    • Upholstered frame repair
    • Removal of scratches, chips, dents, water marks and cigarette burns
    • Fabrication of missing parts

      Not on the List? Call us - we probably do it.

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